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{{MitoGlobal header page name}}
{{MitoGlobal header page name}}
[[Image:MitoGlobal.jpg|200px|left|link=http://www.mitoglobal.org/index.php/MitoGlobal_Societies |MitoGlobal Societies]]
[[Image:MitoGlobal-Societies.jpg|220px|left|link=http://www.mitoglobal.org/index.php/MitoGlobal_Societies |MitoGlobal Societies]]

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MitoGlobal Societies

MitoGlobal provides a world-wide platform for societies and organizations supporting mitochondrial research and medicine.

MitoGlobal is moderated by the international MiPsociety and financially supported by OROBOROS INSTRUMENTS.