OROBOROS Xmas 2016

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Oroboros Xmas2016
Mitochondria and cell research

Dear friends and colleagues:

Thank you for sharing an exciting and successful year 2016, which presented us with great opportunities for networking, cooperating and extending the mission of mitochondria and cell research.
The Mitochondrial Physiology Society joined forces with the 4-year project COST Action MitoEAGLE, and all mitochondrial physiologists are welcome as a member in this network:
» www.mitoeagle.org
If you are not yet listed, an informal Email of your interest will be sufficient:
» MitoEAGLE network

Oroboros Instruments is proud to support MitoEAGLE, hosting Short-Term Scientific Missions, collaborating in training schools, and continuing our long-term tradition of O2k-Workshops.
More than 2,000 O2k-Publications are listed on our website. We apologize if we missed one of yours, and will appreciate if you give us an update:
» Oroboros O2k-Publications
The Oroboros O2k-Network is steadily growing, now listing 578 labs in 49 countries all over the world.

We wish you a relaxing holiday, with best wishes for a bioenergetic, communicative and productive New Year in the spirit of Gentle Science. We will be back in office 2017-Jan-02.
Yours sincerely,

Erich and the Oroboros-Team

Erich Gnaiger, Ao.Univ.-Prof., Ph.D.
Chair Mitochondrial Physiology Society
Medical University of Innsbruck
D. Swarovski Research Laboratory
Email: [email protected] | www.mitoeagle.org

Oroboros Instruments Corp
high-resolution respirometry
A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria
Email: [email protected] | www.oroboros.at
Mitochondria and cell research

» MitoGlobal Events 2017