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Mitochondria - the Organism in our Cells

mit Odra Noel 2008 Oktober 18 - 18:18 - Schöpfstr 18

  • Begrüßung - Begegnung mit der Künstlerin Odra Noel - und mit den WissenschaftlerInnen
  • MiPArt-Science - Gespräch mit Nick Lane, Autor von 'Oxygen: The molecule that made the world' (2002) und 'Power, Sex, Suicide: Mitochondria and the Meaning of Life' (2005).


Presentation of 'Mitochondria - the Organism in our Cells' by Odra Noel and Nick Lane. The illuminated pictures are the basis of the MiPArt Poster Series.

Nick Lane

2008-Oct-18, MiPArt 4: Nick Lane explains 'Once upon a time - Origin of the eukaryotic cell' (background) and 'Barcode mitochondria' (not shown) by Odra Noel.

Nick Lane (University College London) studied biochemistry at Imperial College, University of London. His doctoral research, at the Royal Free Hospital, was on oxygen free radicals and metabolic function in transplanted organs. Nick Lane is married to Odra Noel more


Nick Lane is author of:

Lane N (2007) Climate change: What's in the rising tide? Nature 449: 778-780.