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Alves 2021 Eur J NutrAlves BL, AraΓΊjo TDR, GuimarΓ£es DSPSF, Zoppi CC, Figueiredo MS, Carneiro EM (2021) Amino acid restriction alters survival mechanisms in pancreatic beta cells: possible role of the PI3K/Akt pathway. Eur J Nutr 60:3947-57.2021PMID: 33913012 Open Access
Morand 2014 Eur J NutrMorand R, Bouitbir J, Felser A, Hench J, Handschin C, Frank S, KrΓ€henbΓΌhl S (2014) Effect of carnitine, acetyl-, and propionylcarnitine supplementation on the body carnitine pool, skeletal muscle composition, and physical performance in mice. Eur J Nutr 53:1313-25.2014PMID:24337254
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