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Abstracts should adhere to the following format


Use capital letters in the title only where absolutely necessary


Presenting author's surname + first name initial(s). e.g. Smith JF
Co-authors' surname + initials. e.g. Sanders HF
If authors are based at different institutions provide a superscript to indicate their affiliations and separate numbers by comma whithout a space, e.g. Smith Jane F1,2, Sanders HF2

Affiliations and support

Separate affiliations by semicolons and link to authors using superscripts, e.g. 1Dept VW, Univ XY; 2Dept TU, Univ Z
Use abbreviations for Department, University, etc. (Dept, Univ), no trailing dot
Presenting author's email address is given at the end of all affiliations after a dot and a hyphen

Main text

Structured in paragraphs (introduction/methods/results/conclusions) but without headers


Provide up to four references
Cite references in the text by sequential numbers given in brackets, e.g. [1]
Use lower case letters for the title
Shorten page numbers as far as possible

Reference format sample

Turner N, Kowalski GM, Leslie SJ, Risis S, Yang C, Lee-Young RS, Babb JR, Meikle PJ, Lancaster GI, Henstridge DC, White PJ, Kraegen EW, Marette A, Cooney GJ, Febbraio MA, Bruce CR (2013) Distinct patterns of tissue-specific lipid accumulation during the induction of insulin resistance in mice by high-fat feeding. Diabetologia 56:1638-48.


Submit up to two figures with short captions.